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Prototype Railways - North America - Traction - North America - Prototype Railways - Overseas - Model Railways - Other

Prototype Railways - North America
CLB218936 Miles of Trouble - West River RRMorse$8.00
CLB267136 miles of trouble - the West River RRMorse$8.00
CLB2676All AboardCalder$8.00
CLB1721Along the East Broad topHeimburger, Donald$15.00
CLB1887Alpha and Numeric BN Station Listing - March 1970BN inc$3.00
CLB1888Alpha and Numeric NYC Station Listing - April 1957NYC system$3.00
CLB1032Altitudes in CanadaWhite (Commission of Conservation)$21.00
CLB2660American Journey by TrainJacobson$10.00
CLB2155American Locomotives - engineering history 1830 to 1880White$2.00
CLB1774ATSF No SYS-1, one way faresATSF publicity$3.00
CLB2657Beatty of the CPRMiller-Barstow$15.00
CLB2193Brief history of Benjamin Franklin DillinghamUnknown$3.00
CLB1934Building of the RailwayNeering$15.00
CLB2119Canadian National Facilities in Color - Vol 1Holland$50.00
CLB2120Canadian National Facilities in Color - Vol 2Holland$50.00
CLB1943Canadian National Railway - railroad color historyMurray$25.00
CLB1467Canadian National Railway's StoryDorin$9.00
CLB2126Canadian National Steam in Color Vol 1 - Ontario and EastHolland$50.00
CLB2127Canadian National Steam in Color Vol 2 - Ontario and WestHolland$50.00
CLB1791Canadian National Steam PowerClegg$3.00
CLB1791Canadian National Steam PowerClegg$3.00
CLB2115Canadian National Through Passenger Service in Color - Southern OntarioHolland$50.00
CLB1816Canadian National's Western DepotsBohi$4.00
CLB1958Canadian Pacific in the Rockies Vol 1Bain$5.00
CLB1959Canadian Pacific in the Rockies Vol 2Bain$5.00
CLB1960Canadian Pacific in the Rockies Vol 3Bain$5.00
CLB1962Canadian Pacific in the Rockies Vol 5Bain$5.00
CLB1963Canadian Pacific in the Rockies Vol 6Bain$5.00
CLB1976Canadian Pacific in Manitoba Vol 1Stuckey$5.00
CLB2654Canadian Pacific - portrait of powerGoldenburg$8.00
CLB1925Canadian Pacific Posters 1883 to 1963Choko$10.00
CLB1921Canadian Pacific, Stand Fast, CraigellachieMcDonnell$9.00
CLB1812Canadian Pacific RailwayDorin$9.00
CLB2683Canadian Pacific Railway - motive power, rolling stock, capsule historyDorin$15.00
CLB2125Canadian Pacific Steam in Color Vol 2 - Montreal and WestHolland$50.00
CLB1985Canadian Pacific's Big HillYeats$5.00
CLB1837Canadian Pacific's Montreal Lakeshore Commuter Services Vol 1Ritchie$3.00
CLB1393Canadian Rail Car Pictorial 40ft CP BoxcarsYaremko$9.00
CLB2131Canadian Rail Passenger Review - Number 1Smith$5.00
CLB2132Canadian Rail Passenger Review - Number 2Smith$5.00
CLB2133Canadian Rail Passenger Review - Number 3Smith$5.00
CLB2130Canadian Rail Passenger Yearbook - 1993 editionSmith$5.00
CLB2128Canadian Rail Passenger Yearbook - 1995 editionSmith$5.00
CLB2129Canadian Rail Passenger Yearbook - 1996-97 editionSmith$5.00
CLB1845Canadian Railway Scenes - No.2Wolf$3.00
CLB2195Canadian Railway Station GuideBallantyne$4.00
CLB2031Canadian Railway Stories - 100 years of history and loreWolf$2.00
CLB1946Canadian Railways in picturesLegget$9.00
CLB1621Canadian SteamMorgan$3.00
CLB1689Canadian SteamMorgan$3.00
CLB1950Canadian SteamMorgan$3.00
CLB1193Canadian Trackside Guide, 1998BRS$3.00
CLB1941CN Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment Volume 1Riddell$40.00
CLB1724Colorful East Broad TopFerrell, Mallory$18.00
CLB1760Commuter RailroadsDorin$5.00
CLB952Delaware & HudsonShaughnessy$15.00
CLB1297Delaware & HudsonShaughnessy$15.00
CLB1546Diesels WestMorgan$6.00
CLB2687Dow's Dictionary of Railway QuotationsDow$5.00
CLB2723Electric Railway Dictionary (1911)Hitt$16.00
CLB1659Electric Railway Directory - 1924McGraw$6.00
CLB1900Faces and Places Along the RailwayWillmot$3.00
CLB2682Famous Name TrainsJones$20.00
CLB1823FDR's Funeral TrainKlara$6.00
CLB2188Four Whistles to Wood UpWalker$2.00
CLB1497Georgian locomotivesBryant$5.00
CLB1953Golden Age of Canadian RailwaysGray$40.00
CLB1922Golden Age of the Passenger TrainRiley$6.00
CLB2039Gordon Lightfoot Canadian Railroad TrilogyWallace$20.00
CLB2141Harvest TrainMacKenzie$10.00
CLB1280History of Canadian RailroadsMcDonnell$6.00
CLB1891History of the Canadian NationalMackenzie$2.00
CLB1915I RememberStitt$1.50
CLB1781I'll take the trainLiddell$5.00
CLB1773Imprinted passenger ticket methodGNR publicity$1.50
CLB2113In the Shadow of Giants - The story of the TH&BHelm$15.00
CLB1712Jane's World Railways 1968-69Sampson$6.00
CLB2653Journey into FearPeyton$6.00
CLB1749La Moine Lumber and Trading Co.Roy$12.00
CLB2152Life and Works of Sir William Van HorneVaughn$20.00
CLB2681Link with a Lonely Land - Temiskaming and Northern Ontario RailwayBarnes$18.00
CLB2678Locomotive Advertising in America 1850-1900GE$16.00
CLB2174Locomotive Engineers AlbumAbdill$4.00
CLB2160Locomotives from LondonCox$3.00
CLB1858Magnetic North - Canadian steam in twilightCook$15.00
CLB1858Magnetic North - Canadian steam in twilightCook$15.00
CLB2194Masterpieces in SteamGarratt$4.00
CLB1681McCulloch's Wonder - The story of the Kettle Valley RailwaySanford, Barrie$3.00
CLB1534Meet Me at the StationWillmot$3.00
CLB1559Milwaukee Road In its Hometown - softcoverScribbins$12.00
CLB1563Milwaukee Road Remembered - a fresh look at an unusual railroadScribbins$18.00
CLB2153Monopoly's MomentArmstrong$25.00
CLB2679Montreal Island Railway Stations - CN and constituent companiesLeduc$3.00
CLB1260More Classic TrainsDubin$9.00
CLB1758Narrow Gauge in the RockiesBeebe, Lucius$5.00
CLB1734Narrow Gauge Pictorial - Vol II - Passenger Cars of the D&RGWGrandt, Robert$12.00
CLB1735Narrow Gauge Pictorial - Vol III - Gondolas, Boxcars and Flatcars of the D&RGWGrandt, Robert$12.00
CLB1736Narrow Gauge Pictorial - Vol IV - Refrigerator Cars, Stock Cars and Tank Cars of the D&RGWGrandt, Robert$12.00
CLB1737Narrow Gauge Pictorial - Vol V - Cabooses of the D&RGWGrandt, Robert$12.00
CLB1738Narrow Gauge Pictorial - Vol VI - Motive Power of the Colorado & SouthernGrandt, Robert$12.00
CLB2677Narrow Gauge to SilvertonHungerford$20.00
CLB1494NP - mainstreet of the NWWood$4.50
CLB2149Ocean To Ocean - expedition through Canada in 1872Grant$6.00
CLB1881Official Guide of the Railways - January 1961NRP Co.$6.00
CLB2672Official Guide to Colorado - the east and west - July 1883Lyford$10.00
CLB1784Official Railway Equipment Guide, September/October 1980RER Publishing$6.00
CLB1076Official Railway Equipment Register, July 1991RER Publishing$6.00
CLB1179Official Railway Equipment Register, October 1992RER Publishing$6.00
CLB1944Oh! The Coal BranchRoss$25.00
CLB2707On a streak of Lightning - electric railways in CanadaMartin$25.00
CLB2670Once there was a railway - story of a dreamElkington$10.00
CLB1612Our GM ScrapbookKalmbach$3.00
CLB1809Over the hills to Georgian BayMackay$6.00
CLB1713Pacific Coast RailwayWestcott, Ken$50.00
CLB2655Passenger Terminals and TrainsDroege$40.00
CLB1901Passing Trains: The Changing Face of Canadian RailroadingMcDonnell$21.00
CLB1954Passing Trains: The Changing Face of Canadian RailroadingMcDonnell$21.00
CLB1757Pictorial Supplement to Denver South Park & PacificKindig$15.00
CLB1722Pino GrandePolkinghorn, R.S.$12.00
CLB2111Politics of Feight RatesDarling$2.00
CLB2668Popular Mechanics Magazine Jan 1949 - 100 years of iron horsePop mech$20.00
CLB1504Pullman Co list of cars 1950Wayner$9.00
CLB1353Rail Canada Vol. 3Lewis$5.00
CLB1753Railroading Coast to CoastFarrington, S.Kip Jr$6.00
CLB1907Railroads of the HourFarrington$9.00
CLB2175Railroads - the great American adventureOgburn$4.00
CLB2658Railroads - the great American adventureOgburn$4.00
CLB2663Rails across AmericaWithuhn$8.00
CLB2134Rails Across Canada - 150 years of Passenger Train historyVIA$3.00
CLB2183Rails across OntarioBrown$12.00
CLB1308Railway Country - Across Canada by TrainWitney$8.00
CLB2109Railway GameLukasiewicz$2.00
CLB1675Railways of CanadaLotz$2.00
CLB1805Railways of CanadaLotz$2.00
CLB2030Railways Of CanadaTrout$2.00
CLB2669Railways of CanadaTrout$2.00
CLB1906Railways of Canada - A Pictorial HistoryMika$3.00
CLB2122Railways of Canada - A Pictorial HistoryMika$3.00
CLB1060Red ExpressCordell$9.00
CLB2665Renaissance 6060Perry$8.00
CLB1448Right of WayChodos$3.00
CLB1854Right of WayChodos$3.00
CLB1810Rites of PassageMcDonnell$9.00
CLB1216Road to ParadiseMondinger$3.00
CLB1728Road to ParadiseMondinger$3.00
CLB2033Road to ParadiseMondinger$3.00
CLB1329Road to the SeaBrown$0.50
CLB1298Rutland RoadShaughnessy$24.00
CLB1948Self Propelled Cars of the CNRClegg$20.00
CLB2652Set up Running - Life of a PRR engineman 1904-1949Orr$45.00
CLB1727Short Line to ParadiseJohnston, Hank$3.00
CLB1793Signatures in steelMcDonald$21.00
CLB1904Signatures in steelMcDonald$21.00
CLB1957Signatures in steelMcDonald$21.00
CLB2691Sir Adam Beck and the Hydro Radial ProposalsDue$20.00
CLB1795Steam In Canada (CP Steam Locomotives)Lewis$9.00
CLB1717Slim Rails Through the SanTurner, George$9.00
CLB1261Some Classic TrainsDubin$15.00
CLB1756South Park Line - A Concise History Colorado Rail Annual #12Chappell$12.00
CLB1772Statistical summary to 80th annual report 1968GNR publicity$1.00
CLB1286Steam's Finest HourMorgan$12.00
CLB1616Steam's Finest HourMorgan$12.00
CLB1613Steam at OakvillePaterson$9.50
CLB1702Steam Locomotive in AmericaBruce$6.00
CLB1826Steam to the Niagara FrontierWilson$30.00
CLB1718Swayne Lumber CompanyBeckstrom, Paul$90.00
CLB2137The GlenLeduc$3.00
CLB2661The Line - Calgary to VancouverWilson$40.00
CLB1847Those Beautiful "C" LinersHope$4.50
CLB1955Train CountryMcKay$10.00
CLB1593Train doesn't stop here anymore - 3rd edition - hard backBrown$3.00
CLB1703Train doesn't stop here anymore - 3rd edition - hard backBrown$3.00
CLB1863Train doesn't stop here anymore - 3rd edition - hard backBrown$3.00
CLB1855Train doesn't stop here anymore - 4th edition - soft backBrown$3.00
CLB1401Train Shed Cyclopedia no. 6 - passenger locomotivesGregg$6.00
CLB1571Train Shed Cyclopedia no. 6 - passenger locomotivesGregg$6.00
CLB1421Train Shed Cyclopedia no. 46 - flats, gondolas and hoppers (part 1)Gregg$6.00
CLB1663Train Shed Cyclopedia no. 48 - hoppers, industrials, lettering (part2)Gregg$6.00
CLB1843Trainscape - diesel-electrics in Ontario 1968-78 vol 1Zvidris$3.00
CLB2651Treasury of Railroad FolkloreBotkin$8.00
CLB1503Turbines WestwardLee$18.00
CLB2145Turcot StoryLeduc$5.00
CLB1732Twilight of the Narrow GaugeKramer, Frederick$6.00
CLB1940Two Divisions to Bluewater - CNR to the BruceBowers$15.00
CLB1274Van Horne's RoadLavallee$12.00
CLB1673Van Horne's RoadLavallee$12.00
CLB1939Vancouver Island RailroadsTurner$10.00
CLB2190Virginia and TruckeeBeebe$6.00
CLB1720West Virginia Narrow Gauge Mann's Creek RailwayLane, Ron$75.00
CLB1885When Anytime was Train TimeWillmot$6.00
CLB2135When the Steel Went ThroughBone$3.00
CLB1815White PlumeBowman$1.00
CLB2656Workin' on the RailroadReinhardt$6.00
CLB2673World Famous Horseshoe curveAlbrecht$10.00
CLB2674Your Ride through HistoryBlackhurst$15.00

Traction - North America
CLB1441Buses, Trolleys and TramsDunbar$5.00
CLB2721Canadian Trolleys in color Vol 1 Eastern CanadaHalperin$35.00
CLB2722Canadian Trolleys in color Vol 2 Western CanadaHalperin$35.00
CLB2720Great Lakes Trolleys in colorHalperin$50.00
CLB2686Halifax Street Railway 1866 - 1949Cunningham$15.00
CLB2666Historical Survey of Transit Buses of the USMandell$6.00
CLB2709Interurban EraMiddleton$15.00
CLB2714J.G. Brill CompanyBrill$20.00
CLB1110Law of Tramways and Light RailwaysLeverson$1.50
CLB2688Les chars electrique - histoire du tramway de sherbrooke 1895-1932Kesteman$15.00
CLB2695Lethbridge Municipal Railway Krause$25.00
CLB2163Levis Tramways CompanyGrumley$6.00
CLB2697Lightweight Street and Interurban CarsEngel$10.00
CLB2698Lightweight Street and Interurban CarsEngel$10.00
CLB2659Loyalist City Streetcars - Street Railway Transit in Saint John NBAngus$10.00
CLB2701Loyalist City Streetcars - Street Railway Transit in Saint John NBAngus$10.00
CLB2711Metropolitan Railways - rapid transit in AmericaMiddleton$15.00
CLB2703Mind the doors please - Toronto and its streetcarsPartridge$10.00
CLB2165Montreal and Southern CountiesGrumley$6.00
CLB2138Montreal Railway TerminalsLeduc$3.00
CLB2168Montreal Streetcars Vol 1Grumley$6.00
CLB2169Montreal Streetcars Vol 1Grumley$6.00
CLB1646Montreal Streetcars Vol 2 - people and placesGrumley$6.00
CLB2170Montreal Streetcars Vol 2 - people and placesGrumley$6.00
CLB2171Montreal Streetcars Vol 3 - scenic routesGrumley$6.00
CLB2172Montreal Streetcars Vol 3 - scenic routesGrumley$6.00
CLB2173Montreal Streetcars Vol 4 - work and service equipmentGrumley$6.00
CLB2700Niagara, St Catharines and Toronto Electric Railway in picturesPanko$10.00
CLB2699Niagara, St Catharines and Toronto RailwayMills$10.00
CLB2685No Horsecars in ParadiseParker$8.00
CLB2705Not to exceed 10mph - Moose Jaw electric railway 1910-32Heselton$50.00
CLB1629Ottawa's StreetcarsMckeown$18.00
CLB1938Ottawa's StreetcarsMcKeown$18.00
CLB2718Ottawa's StreetcarsMckeown$18.00
CLB1625Ottawa Car Company 1892-1948Knowles$3.00
CLB1704Ottawa Car Company 1892-1948Knowles$3.00
CLB2162Ottawa Car Company 1892-1948Knowles$3.00
CLB1649Ottawa Trolleys - images from August 1958Bernhart$6.00
CLB2704PCC from coast to coastScheinder$20.00
CLB1341Quebec Railway Light & Power Company - Montmorency DivisionGrumley$9.00
CLB1642Quebec Railway Light & Power Company - Montmorency DivisionGrumley$9.00
CLB1643Quebec Railway Light & Power Company - Vol 2 - Citadel DivisionGrumley$9.00
CLB2715Saskatoon's Electric TransitWayman$30.00
CLB2667Some early traction historyReid$10.00
CLB1635Streetcar Builders of Canada vol 1Bailey$12.00
CLB1387Streetcar Overhead ConstructionWhite$6.00
CLB1641Streetcar Scenes in the 1950s in colorKing$21.00
CLB2696Streetcars in the Kootenays - Nelson's electric tramways 1899 - 1992Parker$15.00
CLB2689Sudbury StreetcarsKnowles$10.00
CLB2690Sudbury Streetcars - 2nd editionKnowles$10.00
CLB2708Time of the TrolleyMiddleton$25.00
CLB2719Toronto Trolleys in colorSpringirth$50.00
CLB2693Traction on the GrandMills$10.00
CLB1381Trolley CarsSullivan$9.00
CLB2037Trolley Car TreasuryRowsome$4.00
CLB1327TTC 28Bromley$3.00
CLB2692TTC '28Bromley$5.00
CLB2712Vancouver's Glory Years - public transit 1890 - 1915Conn$45.00
CLB2716Winnipeg's Electric TransitBaker$15.00
CLB2702Witts - an affectionate look at Toronto's original red rocketsPartridge$20.00

Prototype Railways - Other countries
CLB2649China's Railways todays imageWhitehouse$4.00
CLB1062Histoire des Trains de LuxeBehrend$6.00
CLB2648Last of The Hudswells (Australia)Stocks$6.00
CLB2643Locomotives of ThailandRamaer$4.00
CLB2418On rails under ParisPrigmore$4.00
CLB2646Railways of New ZealandChurchman$20.00
CLB2647Red Norte - state owned railways in North ChileThomson$12.00
CLB2420Schilthorn RondaboutFussli$8.00
CLB2027Today's Steam on the SugarLines of Cuba vol 1Eatwell$5.00
CLB220Voies Etroites du Jura VaudoisGrandguillaume$9.00
CLB2376World Metro SystemsGarbutt$10.00
Prototype Railways - England
Western Region and its constituents.
CLB2247100 Years of the Marlow DonkeyWells$3.00
CLB238810:30 LimitedChapman$4.00
CLB2506Don Breckon's Great Western RailwayBreckon$16.00
CLB2256East Somerset Railway 1858 to 1972Maggs$3.00
CLB2515Facility of Locomotion - Kington RailwaysSinclair$6.00
CLB2251Great Western - History - PBAllen$5.00
CLB2244Herefordshire RailwaysSmith$10.00
CLB2094Locomotives at the grouping -No.4 Great WesternCasserly$4.00
CLB2387Locos of the Royal RoadChapman$4.00
CLB2245Ludlow to Hereford - including the Kingston BranchMitchell$8.00
CLB2248Main Line to Metro - train and tram on the GWR routeBoynton$10.00
CLB2596Paddington 1854 - 1979Clinker$4.00
CLB2242Railways in Avon - history of development and decline 1832-1982Avon planning$4.00
CLB2243Railways of HerefordWood$12.00
CLB2249Railways round ExmoorMadge$5.00
CLB2104Swindon WorksBREL$3.00
CLB2383Un-Beaten TrackKnox$6.00
CLB2494Western Main Lines - Worcester to HerefordMitchell$8.00
CLB2476Woodstock BranchLingard$6.00
Southern Region and its constituents.
CLB2277Basingstoke and Alton Light RailwayGriffith$4.00
CLB2478Best Railway Photographs No. 2 - SouthernMorris$4.00
CLB2279Bodmin and Wadebridge RailwayWhetmath$4.00
CLB2269Book of the Schools ClassTownroe$3.00
CLB2545Brighton BalticsPerryman$8.00
CLB2290BR(SR) country track mapBR(SR)$4.00
CLB2291BR(SR) suburban track mapBR(SR)$4.00
CLB2267By Rail to MildenhallTurner$3.00
CLB2266Callington RailwaysCrombleholme$3.00
CLB2265Centenary of the Barnstaple Ilfracombe Line 1874-1974Lock$3.00
CLB2280Chichester and Midhurst RailwayClark$4.00
CLB2480Days of Steam - Waterloo to BournemouthShaw$4.00
CLB2270Duplicate locomotives of the LSWR (Illustrated)RH Ltd$3.00
CLB2584East Kent RailwayCatt$6.00
CLB2445Famous locomotive types No. 4: King Arthurs and Lord NelsonsTownroe$4.00
CLB2289Famous Train Journeys - No. 2 - Devon BelleAnderson$4.00
CLB2444Locomotive Engineers of the Southern RailwayWebb$4.00
CLB2447Locomotives of the Southern Railway - classes, building dates, names, etc - 1934Allchin$2.00
CLB2441Locomotives of the Southern Railway (Western Section)Tilling$4.00
CLB2448Locomotives of the Southern Railway (Western Section)Tilling$4.00
CLB2605London's First Railway - the London and GreenwichThomas$6.00
CLB2093London's First Railway - the London and GreenwichThomas$6.00
CLB2423Lost Lines - SouthernWelbourn$8.00
CLB2278New Romney Branch LineHarding$4.00
CLB2580Plymouth, Devonport and South Western Junction RailwayCheesman$6.00
CLB2590Rail Centres - Clapham JunctionFaulkner$10.00
CLB2292Railway Stations of Battersea and Wandsworth -photographic recordConnor$4.00
CLB2281Railways of Devils DykeClark$4.00
CLB2588Railways of WaterlooFaulkner$8.00
CLB2273Rother Valley Railway (later K&ESR)Finch$4.00
CLB2479Sheppey Light RailwayHarding$6.00
CLB2065Somerset and Dorset Railway - pape backAtthill$3.00
CLB2553Southern Railway 1923-1947 - Chronicle and RecordSavill$4.00
CLB2439Southern Region 2 character head codesBeecroft$2.00
CLB2436Southern Region Chronology and Record 1803-1965Clark$10.00
CLB2443Southern Region unusual train services 1979SE Group$2.00
CLB2442Southern Region unusual train services 1983-84SE Group$4.00
CLB2430Southern SceneEarley$6.00
CLB2429Southern TrainsAllan$6.00
CLB2293Track Layout Diagrams - SR and BR(SR) - section 6 - North Devon and CornwallPryer$5.00
CLB2263Travelling Charts - London to BrightonRCO$5.00
London Midland Region and its constituents.
CLB2456Aylesbury RailwayGadsden$4.00
CLB2455Bristol and Avon RailwaySimmonds$4.00
CLB2579Cromford and High Peak RailwayRimmer$6.00
CLB2378How they built the Settle and Carlisle railwayMitchell$4.00
CLB2294Lancashire EnginemenNuttall$4.00
CLB2457London's North Western Electric - a Jubilee historyAtkinson$6.00
CLB2374On the Settle and Carlisle RouteFlinders$6.00
CLB2299Porter to Signalman 1937 to 1965 - bygone stations in LeicestershireJarvis$5.00
CLB2379Shanty life on the Settle and Carlisle RailwayMitchell$4.00
CLB2458Short history of the Liverpool and Manchester RailwayHolt$6.00
CLB2556Stratford upon Avon and Midland Junction RailwayDunn$6.00
CLB2295Through the links at Crewe -Top Link Foorplate memoriesJohnson$4.00
CLB2555Wirral RailwayHighet$6.00
Eastern Region and its constituents.
CLB2417Anatomy of a railway accident - Loughborough 1933Godber$4.00
CLB2415East Coast RouteDow$6.00
CLB2304Forge Valley Line - Pickering to ScarboroughLidster$6.00
CLB2306Great Central Then and NowHawkins$20.00
CLB2300I tried to run a railwayFiennes$5.00
CLB2409Investigation into the King's Cross underground fireFennell$16.00
CLB2370Last Years of the Great Central Main LineRobotham$8.00
CLB2303Pioneers of Science and Discovery -the Stephensons and steam railwaysDorman$6.00
CLB2400Railway WalksVinter$4.00
CLB2302Stockton and Darlington - 150 years of British RailwaysSemmens$8.00
CLB2405Top ShedTownend$10.00
Scottish Region and its constituents.
CLB2499Caledonian DunalastairsNock$8.00
CLB2397High Girders - the Tay Bridge DisasterPrebble$4.00
CLB2489Highland RailwayVallance$8.00
CLB2491Highland RailwayNock$8.00
CLB2391North British AtlanticsThomas$4.00
CLB2490Royal Deeside LineFarr$8.00
CLB2486Springburn StoryThomas$8.00
CLB2492Tales of the Glasgow and South WesternSmith$8.00
CLB2396Tay Bridge Disaster - new light on the 18799 tragedyThomas$4.00
Wales railways
CLB2310Welsh RailwaysWright$5.00
Irish railways
Other companies UK
CLB2309Britain's Joint LinesCasserley$10.00
CLB2603London RailwaysCourse$8.00
CLB2316Lynton and Lynmouth Cliff Railway - 1890 to 1990Bendles$4.00
CLB2571Metropolitan District RailwayLee$8.00
CLB2631Metropolitan Electric LocomotivesBenest$8.00
CLB2632Metropolitan Electric LocomotivesBenest$4.00
CLB2633Metropolitan Electric Tramways - short historyGibbs$4.00
CLB2620Metropolitan Electric Tramways vol 1 - origins to 1920Smeeton$10.00
CLB2621Metropolitan Electric Tramways vol 2 - 1921 to 1933Smeeton$10.00
CLB2311Railways of Southern England: independent and light railwaysCourse$10.00
CLB2459Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain Vol 1 - West CountrySt.Thomas$8.00
CLB2460Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain Vol 2 - Southern EnglandSt.Thomas$8.00
CLB2461Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain Vol 3 - Greater LondonSt.Thomas$8.00
CLB2464Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain Vol 7 - West MidlandsSt.Thomas$8.00
CLB2465Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain Vol 8 - South and West YorkshireSt.Thomas$8.00
CLB2466Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain Vol 9 - East MidlandsSt.Thomas$8.00
CLB2468Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain Vol 11 - North and mid WalesSt.Thomas$8.00
CLB2469Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain Vol 12 - South WalesSt.Thomas$8.00
CLB2470Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain Vol 13 - Thames and SevernSt.Thomas$8.00
CLB2451West London Joint RailwaysAtkinson$8.00
CLB2577West London Railway and the WLERBorley$6.00
CLB2064World's smallest public railwayAllan$1.00
CLB2346Worlds Smallest Public RailwayRansome-Wallis$4.00
General UK
CLB2074ABC BR diesel locomotives 1979Allan$1.00
CLB2078ABC BR locomotives winter 1960/61 - diesel and MUsAllan$1.00
CLB2349Along the LineBTC$4.00
CLB2517An Entry in the Train RegisterFrancis$12.00
CLB2526Bibliography of British Railway HistoryOttley$16.00
CLB2527Bibliography of British Railway History - supplementOttley$16.00
CLB2335Biographical Dictionary of Railway EngineersMarshall$5.00
CLB2339BR locoshed book - 1981Allan$2.00
CLB2337BR pocket book no 1. - diesel and electric locomotives 1990Fox$2.00
CLB2338BR pocket book no 2. - coaches 1990Fox$2.00
CLB2540British Railway BridgesAllan$4.00
CLB2528British Railway TunnelsBlower$8.00
CLB2381British Railways in TransitionAldcroft$6.00
CLB2328British Railways Today and TomorrowRly Exec$4.00
CLB2537British Steam RailcarsRush$10.00
CLB2355British Steam RailwaysNock$4.00
CLB2073BR electric locos and MUs (ABC)Allan$1.00
CLB2079BR motive power combined volume 1980Allan$5.00
CLB2241British Rail - Mainline - Gradient ProfilesAllan$5.00
CLB2524British Internal Combustion locomotive 1894 to 1940Webb$10.00
CLB2523British Pacific LocomotivesAllen$6.00
CLB2098Britain's New RailwayNock$5.00
CLB2040British Rail 1948-78 - a journey by designHaresnape$8.00
CLB2520British Steam since 1900Tuplin$6.00
CLB1198British Railways in Transition (1914 to 1963)Aldcroft$4.00
CLB2591Chronology of London RailwaysBorley$8.00
CLB2522Classic Locmotives from 1850 to the present dayGriffiths$6.00
CLB1935Classic TrainsFaith$5.00
CLB2344Coming of Age of Railway GroupingRly Gazette$4.00
CLB374Continental Railway Guide no. 184 9, September, 1862 (original)Bradshaw$40.00
CLB2046Derby Railway Technical Centre (MR special)Marsden$3.00
CLB2554Development of the RailcarKidner$6.00
CLB2359Discovering Lost RailwaysSt.John Thomas$4.00
CLB2639Dorking Greystone Lime Company LtdTownsend$2.00
CLB2063Electric RailwaysCooper$3.00
CLB2519Famous railway photographers - H.C.CasserleyDavid and Charles$6.00
CLB2642Guinness book of Rail facts and figuresMarshall$8.00
CLB2353How I Became an Engine DriverMcKillop$4.00
CLB2541Hundred Years of development of Electric TractionBruce$4.00
CLB2043It can now be revealed - British railways in peace and war - 1945BR$3.00
CLB2099Last Journey of William HuskissonGarfield$5.00
CLB2347Loco Profile - special - R.H.D LocomotivesBarlow$5.00
CLB2343Locomotive Stock of the Main Line Companies of Great Britain and Ireland - 31DEC36RCTS$2.00
CLB2342Locomotive Stock of the Main Line Companies of Great Britain - 31DEC34RCTS$2.00
CLB2084Locospotters annual 1963Allan$3.00
CLB2085Marshall's book of railwaysWaller$5.00
CLB2473Mastering MomentumSillcox$6.00
CLB2377Passengers no moreDaniels$6.00
CLB2227Rail Atlas of Great Britain and Ireland (1990)Baker$8.00
CLB2228Rail Atlas of Great Britain and Ireland (2007)Baker$8.00
CLB2403Rails to Disaster - More British steam accidents 1906 to 1957Hamilton$4.00
CLB2058Railway AgeRobbins$3.00
CLB2101Railway AgeRobbins$3.00
CLB2474Railway Dictionary - an A to Z of railway terminologyJackson$10.00
CLB2345Railway Handbook 1945-46Rly Gazette$4.00
CLB2090Railway HeraldryDow$8.00
CLB2102Railway NavviesColeman$3.00
CLB2529Railway RelicsMorgan$8.00
CLB2095Railwaymen, Politics and MoneyVaughn$6.00
CLB2062Railways of BritainNock$3.00
CLB2068Railways of the Modern Age since 1963Nock$3.00
CLB2069Railways of the transition fom steam 1940-1965Nock$3.00
CLB2050Red for Danger (2nd edition)Rolt$4.00
CLB2329Reshaping of British Railways - Part 1: Report - 1963HMSO$5.00
CLB2330Reshaping of British Railways - Part 2:Maps - 1963HMSO$5.00
CLB2334Richard TrevithickHodge$4.00
CLB2510Riddles standard types in trafficAllen$6.00
CLB2366Royal JourneyBTC$4.00
CLB2365Royal TrainsKingston$10.00
CLB2240Signal BoxesVanns$5.00
CLB2235Signalling Atlas and Signal Box Directory (2010)Kay$8.00
CLB2237Signalman's MorningVaughn$5.00
CLB2238Signalman's TwilightVaughn$5.00
CLB2516Speaking of SteamCox$8.00
CLB2367Station Now StandingPertwee$8.00
CLB2067Steam Railways of BritainNock$3.00
CLB2363Stopping Train BritainFrater$10.00
CLB2348Story of the TrainNRM$5.00
CLB2518That was my railway - ploughman's kid to railway boss - 1922 to 1969Hick$6.00
CLB2220The Train RobbersRead$4.00
CLB2226Track Atlas of Mainland Britain (2009)Bridge$12.00
CLB2087Trains annual 1963Allen$3.00
CLB2360Trains Annual 1965Allan$2.00
CLB2452Trains in Trouble Vol 1Trevena$6.00
CLB2453Trains in Trouble Vol 2Trevena$6.00
CLB2454Trains in Trouble Vol 3Trevena$6.00
CLB2401Trains to Nowhere - British steam accidents 1906 to 1960Hamilton$4.00
CLB2402Trains to Nowhere - British steam accidents 1906 to 1960Hamilton$4.00
CLB2072Trains we lovedEllis$3.00
CLB2511Two Miles a Minute - Britain's HST and APT.Nock$8.00
CLB2357Walking Old RailwaysSomerville$5.00
CLB2638West Somerset Mineral RailwaysSellick$6.00
CLB2332William Hedley Locomotive PioneerBrooks$4.00
CLB2509Yeoman 59sAllen$6.00
LT, bus, trolleybus and tram related books
CLB2607100 Years of the District - 1968LT$6.00
CLB23211946 Greater London Bus MapHarris$5.00
CLB2611Bakerloo LineLT$6.00
CLB2615Bakerloo Line - illustrated historyHorne$8.00
CLB2628Bakerloo Line - short historyHorne$6.00
CLB2559Battery Traction on Tramways and RailwaysIllingworth$4.00
CLB2536British Trolley BusesSymons$10.00
CLB2575Brush Diesel and Electric Locomotive Works ListToms$6.00
CLB2570Brush Electrical Engineering CompanyPrice$4.00
CLB2569Brush Electrical Engineering Company and its TramcarsPrice$4.00
CLB2613Central Line - a brief historyLT$6.00
CLB2608East London Lines and the Thames TunnelLT$6.00
CLB2634Felthams - story of the Union Construction CompanyBlacker$6.00
CLB2610Fifty Years of the Hampstead Tube - 1957LT$6.00
CLB2558Glasgow Subway 1896-1077Kelly$4.00
CLB2616Going Green - story of the District LineConnor$8.00
CLB2564Great Orme Tramway - the first 75 yearsAnderson$4.00
CLB2567Hellingley Hospital RailwayHarding$4.00
CLB2568History of the Llandudno and Colwyn Bay Electric Railway LimitedAnderson$4.00
CLB2602Jubilee LineLT$6.00
CLB2617Jubilee Line - illustrated historyHorne$8.00
CLB2561Liverpool Corporation Tramways part 1: 1897-1937Martin$6.00
CLB2562Liverpool Corporation Tramways part 2: 1937-1957Martin$6.00
CLB2563Liverpool Tramways 1943 to 1957Blackburn$6.00
CLB2599London County Council Tramways HandbookKennington$6.00
CLB2593London Motor Bus - origins and developmentBruce$10.00
CLB2624London on Wheels - public transport in the 19th centuryLee$4.00
CLB2598London Transport Board Railways Rule Book 1969LT$6.00
CLB2586London Transport Golden Jubilee Book - 1933 - 1983Green$12.00
CLB2625London Transport Railways - list of opening, closing and renaming dates of lines and stationsBennet$4.00
CLB2504London Transport Tramways 1933 to 1952Oakley$20.00
CLB2054London Transport carried on (London at war in WW2)Graves$3.00
CLB2581Mersey RailwayParkin$6.00
CLB2538Merseyside TransportMartin$6.00
CLB2618Northern Line - illustrated historyHorne$8.00
CLB2629Northern Line - short historyHorne$6.00
CLB2622Overground - review of London's transport 1900-1947Allan$6.00
CLB2600Overhaul of Underground Rolling StockLT$6.00
CLB2619Piccadilly Line - illustrated historyCroome$8.00
CLB2636Post Office Railway LondonBayliss$10.00
CLB2604Rails Through the ClayJackson$8.00
CLB2623Railway to King William St and Southwark deep tunnel air-raid shelterBancroft$4.00
CLB2597Rolling Stock OverhaulLT$4.00
CLB2614Seventy Years of the Central - 1970LT$6.00
CLB2612Sixty Years of the Bakerloo Line - 1966LT$6.00
CLB2609Sixty Years of the Northern - 1967LT$6.00
CLB2606Sixty Years of the Piccadilly -1966LT$6.00
CLB2565Snaefell Mountain Railway 1895-1970Pearson$4.00
CLB2637Source book of TramsPrice$6.00
CLB2047Steam to Silver - LT historyBruce$5.00
CLB2592Steam to Silver - LT historyBruce$5.00
CLB2057Story of London's UndergroundLT$3.00
CLB2595Story of the Victoria LineDay$6.00
CLB2552Tramcar, Carriage and Wagon Builders of BirminghamPrice$6.00
CLB2532Tramways of PortsmouthHarrison$8.00
CLB2578Trolley Bus 1882 - 1966Brearley$6.00
CLB2594Tube Trains under LondonBruce$10.00
CLB2630Victoria Line - short historyHorne$6.00
CLB2583Wotton Tramway (Brill Branch)Jones$6.00

Model Railways
CLB2199101 Track plansWestcott$1.00
CLB1372Bassett-Lowke Railways commemorative editionScott$15.00
CLB1879Model Railroad ScratchbuildingWesolowski$3.00
CLB1450Older Locomotives (1900-42)Gomm$1.00
CLB1670Sawmill ModelingGriffiths, Morgan$33.00
CLB2203Track Planning for realistic OperationArmstrong$2.00
CLB2202Traction plan book and photo albumCarstens$2.00

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