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Prototype Railways - North America - Prototype Railways - Overseas - Model Railways - Other

Prototype Railways - North America
CL1898Algoma Central RailwayNock$10.00
CLB1721Along the East Broad topHeimburger, Donald$25.00
CLB1887Alpha and Numeric BN Station Listing - March 1970BN inc$5.00
CLB1888Alpha and Numeric NYC Station Listing - April 1957NYC system$5.00
CLB1032Altitudes in CanadaWhite (Commission of Conservation)$35.00
CLB1774ATSF No SYS-1, one way faresATSF publicity$5.00
CLB1841Broad Gauge in the Ottawa ValleyTasse$2.00
CLB1441Buses, Trolleys and TramsDunbar$8.00
CLB1467Canadian National Railway's StoryDorin$15.00
CLB1791Canadian National Steam PowerClegg$5.00
CLB1862Canadian National Steam in Color Vol 2 Ontario and WestHolland$40.00
CLB1247Canadian National's Western DepotsBohi$10.00
CLB949Canadian Pacific, Stand Fast, CraigellachieMcDonnell$15.00
CLB1812Canadian Pacific RailwayDorin$15.00
CLB1676Canadian Pacific Steam LocomotivesLavallee, Omer$90.00
CLB1839Canadian Pacific's Electric Lines (Grand River and the Lake Erie and Northern Railway)Roth$5.00
CLB1837Canadian Pacific's Montreal Lakeshore Commuter Services Vol 1Ritchie$5.00
CLB1393Canadian Rail Car Pictorial 40ft CP BoxcarsYaremko$15.00
CLB1845Canadian Railway Scenes - No.2Wolf$5.00
CLB1787Canadian Railway Scenes - No.4Wolf$5.00
CLB1788Canadian Railways in picturesLegget$15.00
CLB1621Canadian SteamMorgan$5.00
CLB1193Canadian Trackside Guide, 1998BRS$5.00
CLB1724Colorful East Broad TopFerrell, Mallory$30.00
CLB1760Commuter RailroadsDorin$8.00
CLB952Delaware & HudsonShaughnessy$25.00
CLB1546Diesels WestMorgan$10.00
CLB1659Electric Railway Directory - 1924McGraw$10.00
CLB1303Faces and Places Along the RailwayWillmot$5.00
CLB1823FDR's Funeral TrainKlara$10.00
CLB1497Georgian locomotivesBryant$8.00
CL1922Golden Age of the Passenger TrainRiley$10.00
CLB1631Great Lakes Trolleys in colorHalperin$35.00
CLB1280History of Canadian RailroadsMcDonnell$10.00
CL1891History of the Canadian NationalMackenzie$3.00
CL1915I RememberStitt$3.00
CLB1781I'll take the trainLiddell$6.00
CLB1773Imprinted passenger ticket methodGNR publicity$3.00
CLB1719In Search of Steam DonkeysJohnson, Merv$50.00
CLB1712Jane's World Railways 1968-69Sampson$10.00
CLB1749La Moine Lumber and Trading Co.Roy$20.00
CLB1110Law of Tramways and Light RailwaysLeverson$3.00
CLB1840Locomotives from LondonCox$5.00
CLB1858Magnetic North - Canadian steam in twilightCook$25.00
CLB1681McCulloch's Wonder - The story of the Kettle Valley RailwaySanford, Barrie$5.00
CLB1534Meet Me at the StationWillmot$5.00
CLB1559Milwaukee Road In its Hometown - softcoverScribbins$20.00
CLB1563Milwaukee Road Remembered - a fresh look at an unusual railroadScribbins$30.00
CLB1632Mind the Doors PleasePartridge$10.00
CLB1260More Classic TrainsDubin$15.00
CLB1734Narrow Gauge Pictorial - Vol II - Passenger Cars of the D&RGWGrandt, Robert$20.00
CLB1735Narrow Gauge Pictorial - Vol III - Gondolas, Boxcars and Flatcars of the D&RGWGrandt, Robert$20.00
CLB1736Narrow Gauge Pictorial - Vol IV - Refrigerator Cars, Stock Cars and Tank Cars of the D&Grandt, Robert$20.00
CLB1737Narrow Gauge Pictorial - Vol V - Cabooses of the D&RGWGrandt, Robert$20.00
CLB1738Narrow Gauge Pictorial - Vol VI - Motive Power of the Colorado & SouthernGrandt, Robert$20.00
CLB1494NP - mainstreet of the NWWood$8.00
CLB 807Ocean to OceanGrant$10.00
CLB1881Official Guide of the Railways - January 1961NRP Co.$10.00
CLB1784Official Railway Equipment Guide, September/October 1980RER Publishing$10.00
CLB1785Official Railway Equipment Register, January 1978RER Publishing$10.00
CLB1076Official Railway Equipment Register, July 1991RER Publishing$10.00
CLB1179Official Railway Equipment Register, October 1992RER Publishing$10.00
CLB1340Original 1879 Car Builder's Dictionary (republished 1949)Forney$40.00
CLB1629Ottawa's StreetcarsMcKeown$30.00
CLB1625Ottawa Car Company 1892-1948Knowles$10.00
CLB1626Ottawa Trolleys - images from August 1958Bernhart$10.00
CLB1612Our GM ScrapbookKalmbach$5.00
CLB1809Over the hills to Georgian BayMackay$10.00
CLB1713Pacific Coast RailwayWestcott, Ken$50.00
CL1901Passing Trains: The Changing Face of Canadian RailroadiMcDonnell$35.00
CLB1757Pictorial Supplement to Denver South Park & PacificKindig$25.00
CLB1722Pino GrandePolkinghorn, R.S.$20.00
CLB1504Pullman Co list of cars 1950Wayner$15.00
CLB1341Quebec Railway Light & Power Company - Montmorency DivisionGrumley$15.00
CLB1643Quebec Railway Light & Power Company - Vol 2 - Citadel DivisionGrumley$15.00
CLB1353Rail Canada Vol. 3Lewis$10.00
CLB1753Railroading Coast to CoastFarrington, S.Kip Jr$10.00
CL1907Railroads of the HourFarrington$15.00
CLB1802Rails Across Canada - 150 years of passenger train historyFitzsimmons$5.00
CLB1849Rails across OntarioBrown$20.00
CLB1850Rails to the AtlanticBrown$20.00
CLB1180Railway Country - Across Canada by TrainWitney$10.00
CLB1675Railways of CanadaLotz$3.00
CLB1031Railways of CanadaMika$5.00
CLB1447Railways of the Modern Age since 1963Nock$5.00
CLB1060Red ExpressCordell$15.00
CLB1448Right of WayChodos$5.00
CLB1810Rites of PassageMcDonnell$15.00
CLB1216Road to ParadiseMondinger$5.00
CLB1329Road to the SeaBrown$1.00
CLB1298Rutland RoadShaughnessy$40.00
CLB1268Shay Locomotive - Titan of the TimberKoch$200.00
CLB1727Short Line to ParadiseJohnston, Hank$5.00
CLB1793Signatures in steelMcDonald$35.00
CLB1795Steam In Canada (CP Steam Locomotives)Lewis$15.00
CLB1717Slim Rails Through the SanTurner, George$15.00
CLB1261Some Classic TrainsDubin$25.00
CLB1756South Park Line - A Concise History Colorado Rail Annual #12Chappell$20.00
CLB1518SP Steam locomotivesDuke$10.00
CLB1772Statistical summary to 80th annual report 1968GNR publicity$2.00
CLB1286Steam's Finest HourMorgan$20.00
CLB1613Steam at OakvillePaterson$16.00
CLB1824Steam in Northern OntarioWilson$50.00
CLB1699Steam into WildernessTucker, Albert$6.00
CLB1702Steam Locomotive in AmericaBruce$10.00
CLB1827Steam over PalmerstonWilson$50.00
CLB1825Steam through LondonWilson$50.00
CLB1826Steam to the Niagara FrontierWilson$50.00
CLB1635Streetcar Builders of Canada vol 1Bailey$20.00
CLB1387Streetcar Overhead ConstructionWhite$10.00
CLB1641Streetcar Scenes in the 1950s in colorKing$35.00
CLB1820Summit to Sea - RR history in BC and ABBuck$10.00
CLB1718Swayne Lumber CompanyBeckstrom, Paul$150.00
CLB1847Those Beautiful "C" LinersHope$8.00
CLB1828To Stratford under steamWilson$50.00
CLB1703Train doesn't stop here anymore - 3rd edition - hard backBrown$5.00
CLB1855Train doesn't stop here anymore - 4th edition - soft backBrown$5.00
CLB1401Train Shed Cyclopedia no. 6 - passenger locomotivesGregg$10.00
CLB1421Train Shed Cyclopedia no. 46 - flats, gondolas and hoppers (part 1)Gregg$10.00
CLB1663Train Shed Cyclopedia no. 48 - hoppers, industrials, lettering (part2)Gregg$10.00
CLB1843Trainscape - diesel-electrics in Ontario 1968-78 vol 1Zvidris$5.00
CLB1381Trolley CarsSullivan$15.00
CLB1327TTC 28Bromley$5.00
CLB1503Turbines WestwardLee$30.00
CLB1732Twilight of the Narrow GaugeKramer, Frederick$10.00
CLB1274Van Horne's RoadLavallee$50.00
CLB1720West Virginia Narrow Gauge Mann's Creek RailwayLane, Ron$125.00
CLB1885When Anytime was Train TimeWillmot$10.00
CLB1815White PlumeBowman$2.00
CLB1864Wooden Cars on Steel RailsRafuse$25.00

Prototype Railways - Overseas
CLB1198British Railways in Transition (1914 to 1963)Aldcroft$4.00
CLB1062Histoire des Trains de LuxeBehrend$10.00
CL1916Operating Manual BR locomotives D138-D193Brush$5.00
CL1917Operating Manual BR locomotives D5176-D5299 and D7500-DSulzer$5.00
CLB 220Voies Etroites du Jura VaudoisGrandguillaume$15.00

Model Railways
CLB1372Bassett-Lowke Railways commemorative editionScott$25.00
CLB1879Model Railroad ScratchbuildingWesolowski$5.00
CLB1615Model Railroader Cyclopedia - Volume 1 - Steam LocomotivesWestcott, Linn$21.00
CLB1450Older Locomotives (1900-42)Gomm$2.00
CLB1670Sawmill ModelingGriffiths, Morgan$55.00

All Sold