The C. Robert Craig Memorial Library (CRCML)

(Last February 10th, 2023)


The Library was established in 1994 to collect, preserve and make available to the public, materials that document the history of rail transportation in Canada. Materials focusing on the railways surrounding the Ottawa area are of particular interest. The materials comprise books, magazines, photographs, slides, plans, and archival materials of Ottawa area railway-related organisations. The objective is to provide a comprehensive research base for those seeking information about Canadian railways.


The Library is a federally-incorporated not-for-profit organization, registered as a charitable organization. Donations to the Library are eligible for receipts for Canadian income tax purposes.

The Library management comprises:

Acquisition Policy

The Library was founded on the collections of the late C. Robert Craig and the late Kenneth F. Chivers which were donated by their widows. From this nucleus, the library collection is expanding through the generosity of donors providing materials and funds and through purchases of newly published books and other materials.

It is the policy of the Library to acquire books, magazines, photographs and other related materials pertaining to Canadian rail transportation systems with particular emphasis on those operating in the Ottawa area.

The Library is ideally positioned to accept and preserve collections or individual items depicting the history of Canadian rail transportation. Items concerning railways in the Ottawa area are particularly desired. The Library's relationship with the City of Ottawa Archives ensures that all of its valuable documents will receive the best possible care.

The Library will consider donations of material related to the aims of the Library. Cash donations are always welcome as they make possible the acquisition of materials to round out the collections. Donations are eligible for receipts for Canadian income tax purposes. Anyone wishing to make a donation of materials should to contact the Library to initiate discussion.

Disposal of Surplus Items

From time to time the Library may have books, magazines etc that are available for sale. They represent duplicates of items already in the Library or items that are outside of the scope of the aims of the Library. Whenever this takes place the surplus books etc will be advertised on the book sale page, usually with an attractive price differential for members. The proceeds from their sale will be used to purchase books that are considered of high priority to be added to the Library.